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EREC specializes in terrorism preparedness education specifically for Law Enforcement, Health Departments, and Emergency and Medical Response Teams.  Our goal is to increase safety by educating students about the many hazards that may exist on scene.  Participants will learn to recognize various terrorist attacks including chemical, biological, radiological  nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE). Students will learn about various terrorist weapons and methods of dissemination.  

EREC offers advanced courses tailored to those specific response personnel that may encounter a terrorist attack. Instructors will teach students the structure of Incident Management  including complex simulation activities and case studies, so participants can apply learned skills for problem solving.

EREC can also supply your team with equipment for decontamination, HICS, ICS, and Chemical and Biological Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Terrorism Training

Call or e-mail us to get information on customized courses to meet your unique needs!
Preparing You Today for Tomorrow's Challenges
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