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EREC offers a variety of Emergency Management courses designed for individuals who have emergency management responsibilities.  Training is a vital component to a successful emergency management program and ensures that emergency workers and organizations are ready to handle a variety of situations.  EREC creates an environment conducive to facilitate all types of multi-discipline, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional training and exercises.

Emergency Management Training

EREC Emergency Management courses are largely instructional, exercise-based study programs, designed to improve your organization's operational capabilities in managing emergencies. We provide courses that focus on learning to identify tasks, define specific roles and responsibilities, and solving potential issues. 

Some specialized study programs include: Incident Command Systems/Emergency Operations Center Interface (ICS/EOC); Damage Assessment; WebEOC Exercises; Mitigation courses; and a vast variety of Department of Homeland Security/FEMA Courses.

EREC works closely with the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management and can help coordinate and facilitate your courses with them.  We can help inspect and reporting hazardous materials to fulfill the SERC's Hazard Analysis Program and Vulnerability Assessment reporting requirements.

Preparing You Today for Tomorrow's Challenges
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