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Our training programs are managed by Lee Newsome as Training Manager.  Our instructors exhibit the highest level of professionalism and maintain certifications as Florida Fire Service Instructors and Florida Department of Law Enforcement Instructors.  Courses offered include the latest information and are designed to meet applicable standards, i.e. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 472 or 473.  Applicable courses are also entered into the FCDICE system at the Florida State Fire College for approval and tracking of contact hours for students.

EREC’s practical application, experience, and collaboration with a variety of public and private entities means EREC offers enhanced training programs.  Our programs are designed to help emergency responders and community professionals operate together safely and efficiently to prepare for and respond to a variety of incidents and events. We work closely with community partners to help tailor disaster preparedness and response programs to fit the needs of the local community.

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Preparing You Today for Tomorrow's Challenges
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