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Osceola County EOC/ICC Functional Exercise

These two (2) eight-hour EOC/ICC Functional Exercises took place at the Osceola County Emergency Operations Center with exercise play limited to the Emergency Operations Center facility.  This operations-based hurricane exercise engaged the Red and Blue EOC/ICC Emergency Response Teams, Executive Policy Group, Public Information Officers, City of Saint Cloud, City of Kissimmee, non-governmental organizations, and private section partners.

Please click on the video below to watch a short clip of the exercise.

Sarasota County DOC/MACC Hurricane Functional Exercise


This eight-hour DOC/MACC Functional Exercise took place at the Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center with exercise play limited to the Emergency Operations Center facility and multiple Department Operations Centers.  This operations-based hurricane exercise engaged the Alpha and Bravo DOC and MACC Teams, Public Information Officers, Municipal, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Private Section Partners. 

EREC is always working on a variety of diverse projects.  Below are some of our projects that we are excited to be involved with.  Let us know how we can help you become part of our Projects Page!


DeSoto County Active Shooter & Multi-Casualty Incident Exercise DeSoto County Emergency Management


With the rise of school shootings around our county, many educational institutions have instituted training and exercise programs to ensure they can be prepared for such unusual occurrences.  This Full-Scale Exercise simulated an active shooter on the school campus. The active shooter component created a multi-casualty incident (MCI) on the school campus. The school practiced implementing their full lockdown procedure in a stressful environment. 

Update: DeSoto MCI Training 


Following the DeSoto Active Shooter and MCI Exercise a need was identified to provide training to first responders on triage and managing MCI incidents. EREC was contracted to provide this training to assist the responders in improving their knowledge, skills, and abilitites.

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